Do you have copper piping in your home? Then you are in good company. The majority of Americans have copper pipes, regardless of the age of your home.

For decades copper piping has been used for water supply lines in the home, and for a time it was popular for drain lines as well. But if you have copper piping, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, they need maintenance. Most people neglect their water pipes until there is an actual leak. If you ever see green corrosion on the unions, this is a good indication that they may need to be re-soldered.

Another thing to remember is that for many years lead was used in the solder and can leach into the water in small amounts. Be sure to run the water for a few minutes before drinking it or using it to cook with.

Either way, copper does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So be sure to maintain it properly and to take care of your

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