Rodents can bring many problems. They can damage your property, and they can be a danger to the health of your family. The list of diseases that they can cause is very long.

But how can you know that you have unwelcome visitors unless you spot them?

Here are a few telltale signs:

Smells: There might be a stale smell coming from places that offer shelter and are hidden away.

Nesting material: This could be piles of shredded newspaper, fabric, or similar materials.

Structural damage: This will be an excellent entry point into your home for rodents.

Noises: You can hear movement as well as scraping sounds when they try to gain access to your interior.

Droppings: Look for these near food sources and underneath the sink.

Damaged food packages: Look for tooth or claw marks on packages.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

  • Eliminate their food sources. Keep food in tight fitted sealable containers, don’t leave pet food out, and make sure your garbage isn’t accessible.
  • Cover up any small holes with sturdy materials to deny them access to your home.
  • Place traps in places where there is evidence of rodent activity.
  • Remove anything near your house that might be used for nesting such as piles of wood, old cars or hay.
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