If you have an older home, lead paint could be a potential danger you have to deal with.

Lead was once a very common ingredient in paint and plumbing fixtures, and it can cause serious health-problems. In homes built before 1978, it is possible that the paint used had lead in it. 

This was done to add color, to make it more durable, to make it dry faster and to make it water resistant.
High levels of lead in your body can lead to convulsions, coma and death. Lower levels can damage your brain, kidneys, nervous system and blood cells. Children are much more susceptible to these effects, and it can lead to life-long problems for them. To find out if you have lead paint, look at the way it flakes. If it looks like alligator skin, it most likely contains lead.

Pipes made from lead can easily be identified from their dull, gray color. You can also take a metal object and scratch them. If they are made from lead, this will be very easy to do.


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