Bats in the attic can be a common issue to find on a home inspection, but bats can present a danger to health.

This is because of the diseases that they can carry. As a main example, rabies is the biggest problem with bats in the United States. In terms of all the human rabies cases in the United States, a high percentage of these come from bats. For this reason, awareness is often the most important factor because it will allow families and pets to stay protected.

As a virus that attacks the nervous system in humans and other mammals, the disease is almost always fatal once the symptoms have developed. Although there is often confusion to how the disease is contracted, it is from animal bites and as bats have tremendously sharp teeth, it isn’t uncommon for a human to sleep through it. If you wake up and have bats in the bedroom, the immediate next step would be to have rabies inoculations which can be painful and costly. If you are absolutely sure that you haven’t been bitten, the bats need to be captured by you or a professional.

Symptoms of Bat Rabies

Since healthy bats do not tend to rest on the ground, it is strange to find one in the bedroom or on the lawn.  Also, healthy bats will be scared of humans and will fly away with even the sight of one. Therefore, it suggests a problem if they are approachable.  The bat may not be able to fly.  The bat is not adhering to its natural nocturnal habits.

If any of these symptoms are seen, it is highly likely that the bat is rabid.

Histoplasmosis – Aside from rabies, bats can also carry this respiratory disease which is contracted by humans after inhaling the fungal spores that are in bird droppings and bat guano. Although this isn’t fatal like rabies, it can cause symptoms similar to the flu. However, histoplasmosis becomes somewhat more dangerous for those with a compromised immune system such as AIDS sufferers.

Either way, if bats are found in your home, you should take care of the issue immediately.

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